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All old students of the school, we invite you to become a part of the School Alumni. Please fill up the following details and submit.

 H.D.Rajah Educational Trust

The H.D.Rajah Trust is a non profitable charity trust with its main objectives, being that of managing schools and other educational institutions for the poor and needy.

Lakshmi Harihara High School was founded in 1959 in a village called Elathur near tenkasi in Thirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu. It is a Government aided private school.

 The Founder, Late Sri H.D.Rajah

The school was founded by the late Shri H.D.Rajah (1904 - 1959), Member of Parliament, who hailed from Elathur. He was a reputed freedom fighter and a pioneer in Life Insurance. Shri H.D.Rajah came from a middle class Brahmin Family, whose father was a petty shop keeper. He had to walk some 9 KM to school at Tenkasi every day. Soon after his father passing away, his mother took him along with his two brothers to Trivandrum, to complete school education.

Shri H.D.Rajah after his education went to Bombay to work at the Customs office. He took active part against the British Imperialism in the Quit India movement and was even labeled as a rebellious freedom fighter. He was imprisoned many times and yet continued his fight. Once India attained Independence, he started 'The Vanguard Insurance Public Ltd.’ which became one of the largest Insurance companies of south India dealing in areas like Fire, General and Automobiles. He was a person who was not confined to limitations of any sorts, and attained the highest levels of competency in the chosen fields. The company was run in a corporate like fashion, far advanced in those days.

 Lakshmi Harihara High School, Elathur

It was his dream to spread literacy among the poorest and the needy in his village and its environs, as literacy alone will alleviate poverty and make them self reliant. Over a half a century, the school has benefitted thousands of students who went on for higher studies and are now well placed all over the world.

Today the world has become a highly competitive place where schooling attains the greatest importance. Children’s character gets molded only at school and the way knowledge imparted to them gaining utmost credence. It is only with this kind of knowledge that they become confident citizens. LHHS is not just a school, it is the very training ground for the academically brilliant and the super athlete coming from Elathur and nearby villages. This has been proved not only by record marks obtained in the recent past but also by winning sporting and athletic events at the district and the state levels.

Our school is at the threshold of major expansion plans which fall under Phase 1, and Phase 2.

 Phase 1

Phase one will be mainly to add infrastructural facilities like the Library, Science Laboratory, etc., for the existing classes, i.e. Standards VI to X.

 Phase 2

Phase two will be to make the school a higher secondary one by adding plus 1 & 2, and as well as to add sports facilities at the vacant site. The self sufficiency attained in the school will create awareness not only amongst the people of this village but also neighboring areas where complete schooling education is lacking.

While the basic cost of Phase 1, is Rs. 25 Lacs, for Phase 2, it would be Rs. 1.25 Crores, the added cost being close to Rs. 1.5 Crores

 Our Vision

Our aim is to see that every child admitted, hailing from Elathur and neighboring areas must complete schooling up to the Plus 2 level and be ready for higher studies. This process of adding higher secondary education might take a few years depending on the availability of funds. When this takes shape, it is envisaged that in a while later, a polytechnic, or a college for arts and science be built, and the students seeking higher education will have them within reach. There is no doubt that this will set about a chain reaction in the form of development of hospitals, Industries and other commercial ventures and soon this area will become a hub of activity. The village will be self sufficient in every manner providing excellent opportunities for further growth with outsiders too beginning to seek employment. This transformation is not going to happen in a short period of time but the initiation process has to begin. This transformation can also take place only with contributions pouring in from the general public and other sectors.

The school lies at a junction of a major 4 road cross, in which one leads to Elathur, and the others to Madurai, Tenkasi and Sengottah. The environs of LHHS is of unspoilt natural beauty.It is not only this, but also has some of the best reputed tourist spots in the country, like the Kuttalam water falls, five falls, Bhanathirtham falls, the hope lake and the Kallakad Mundanthurai Tiger reserve nearby. There are several trekking sites and breath taking views which can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. The importance of keeping the surroundings neat and tidy, pollution free and planting of trees to maintain greenery are all taught periodically to the students by the government and we Endeavour to support the same. Almost 80% of the children studying in our school come from the families of farmers and the rest from that of laborers. It is seen that these children are capable of attaining the highest percentages of marks. Our fund raising efforts will mainly go towards making this already well known school of ours a larger Higher Secondary one with the best of all round facilities.

The core strength of nations lie in the strength of its villages and students studying in such schools will also have the inclination to preserve nature. The development of the villages alone can lead to a developed society and then a developed country. One should never forget that the cities were also villages once and many who had their roots in villages went on to become great achievers. Education instigates imagination. It will not only aid in greater farm produce and Industrial production but lead the way to make the world a better place.

So please help us build a good school and help us in this transformation. Elathur not only belongs to people hailing from there but also to those who wish to contribute to make this transformation a reality.

Donations are exempt under (S) 80 G. We also offer to name a particular wing, section or hall as the case may be in the name of the donor corporate or Individual, desirous of contributing suitably. They are also free to monitor and oversee the progress in any manner thought fit and in this regard invite suggestions from them.
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